Results Lezyne Arundel Tri

By rawenergyadmin
Aug 5th, 2018

Provisional race results are HERE  if you have any timing queries please email us.  Congratulations to the winner Henry Eaton (Army Triathlon) who was second last year with 1:53:26, this year 1:58:11, second Andrew Robinson (Horsham Amphibs & Alan Law Physiotherapy) in 2:00.58 and third Andrew Gordon 2:00:58.  Victoria Duncan won in 2:17:18, second was Isabel Steele in 2:17:26 and third Victoria Kenny (Urban Endurance) 2:18:08.  First veterans were Mark Furth (Henfield Joggers/Alan Law Physiotherapy) in 2:03:29 with Rebecca Lewis first female vet in 2:18:52. Supervet winners were Andy Bourne (Tri Sport Epping) 2:10:43 and Jill Rogers in 2:37:33.  Mike White from Stubbington Green Runners was first Vintage in 2:17:31 with Stragglers Julie Haworth in 2:48:17. First Relay team were Tom Hills Experience in 2:00:22; Michael Hartland, Mark Bashford & Rob Sherwood (previous individual winner at this event) making up the team.  Qualifying slots for the Europeans should be confirmed in the next day or so.  Don’t forget your entry fee includes FREE unlimited image downloads at and these are LIVE NOW!