Update Bluebell Run

By rawenergyadmin
Apr 15th, 2018

Bluebell race packs for Sunday’s race will be sent by post on Monday 16th.  The weather forecast this week is looking good with plenty of sun and warm temperatures. Despite all the rain we’ve had the course is in good condition except for a couple of wet and muddy patches which unfortunately runners won’t be able to avoid. The long winter and spell of cold wet weather has meant that there are very few bluebells in bloom which are 2-3 weeks late. The course still looks great though and on the Monarchs Way there’s an impressive display of wood anemones for those interested.  The finish this year will be to THE FRONT of The Fox Pub as their rear garden is currently waterlogged.

Parking is not confirmed yet and we’ll keep you updated later in the week.  OPTION 1 which is in field opposite The Fox Pub is still very wet and OPTION 2 in the Oval Raceway is not ideal either.  We may need to use parts of both OPTION 1 & 2 but we’ll let you know.  There’ll be a team of marshals getting you parked as quickly as possible but please be patient and don’t leave it to the last minute to arrive as the race will start on time.  DO NOT park anywhere near The Fox Pub or on this stretch of road where the single white lines are or on the verges as this will cause an obstruction and friction with local residents.  Local traffic, tractors and horses are regularly on this section of road.

Clif Bars & race photos from www.sussexsportphotography.com are free to competitors