5km Fin Swim | Saturday 26th August 2017 4:30pm

By rawenergyadmin
Aug 6th, 2017

Following the success of previous swims in the River Adur, our new challenge for 2017 is the 5km Fin Swim, which is a one way swim with the tide all the way so it’ll definitely be the quickest 5km you’ll ever swim!There are three categories: Fin Swim, Fin Swim Plus & Just Swim.  The Fin Swim category is just that, swim the 5km in a pair of fins to speed your way to finish. The Fin Swim Plus is fins plus hand paddles and Just Swim is for all our normal swimmers looking for another challenging swim. We’ll take you by vintage bus to the start, drop you off at high tide and you can make your way back to Shoreham on the tide.  You’ll still have to negotiate the sandbanks & bridges for the quickest route and as you reach Shoreham you’ll be swimming even faster. The exact start time is planned for 4:30pm and our aim is to give you the best possibility of securing your personal best and having a great fun swim.